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Improv Theatre & Unrequited Love.

Overall, life is remarkably good. I am developing my new little business, slowly but surely. I am seeing a lot of friends, discovering old ones, finding new ones. I am healthy (despite some minor troubles, which doctors tell me are … Continue reading

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I’m really going to have to work hard on my drawing skills. I had a free afternoon yesterday and decided to spend some more time drawing. And I realized that I’ll really have a long way to travel until I’ll … Continue reading

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The Month of February.

How can I possibily summarize everything that happened in the last weeks … I have not written since the 25th of January. It’s a vicious circle – at first, I think “well, one week, not much has happened, I can … Continue reading

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Health and Environment.

I am watching the film “The Internet’s Own Boy” right now. Amazing story, amazing man. And it does remind me that we cannot be content with not aspiring for real change that we ourselves can effect in our lives. A … Continue reading

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I went skating earlier today. I had been wrestling with the idea of finally going to the gym again, but somehow can’t make myself. The idea of going for a skate seemed to make more sense. But it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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I am writing this on my way back from the 10 day vacation I spent with friends in the south of France. It was a wonderful trip, but also fairly strange in a way – strange because I had issues … Continue reading

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Last night, I dreamed about my brother. And that he was well. I woke up happy. And then remembered that he will never be well again.

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