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The Nightmare.

It came true. America did it. This past week, I have been losing sleep over this. I am scared. What is going on? I hope people all around the world will finally realize and wake up to the fact that … Continue reading

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Much Better Now.

Things are finally getting better. I’ve been living full time in Berlin now for over a week. And the pace is slowing down, I feel like I am slowly arriving. My little temporary home is working fairly well for me, … Continue reading

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I’m back. Sitting at my friend Kal’s dining room table. And it’s an incredibly relaxing weekend. I came because I was invited at a birthday party last night, which was fun, but mainly I was hanging out with Kal, and … Continue reading

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Digesting … dissecting … 2013.

The sky is blue and I am sitting in the office in Italy. I have a good internet connection here, not yet at home, so I came to the office to do some Internet stuff. The past two weeks were … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I walked through Florence, listening to my music. At some point I found a spot on a bench in a park, sat down and realized that I was happy. By myself. For the first time in a long time, … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Since Graduation.

Last weekend, I met with my former classmates, with whom I graduated — after 20 years. A couple months ago, I felt uneasy about this. Thinking that in the game of “look what I have achieved”, my complete lack of … Continue reading

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I arrived yesterday. The drive was super-relaxed and entirely uneventful, just beautiful scenery, see above. The apartment is small but nice. I’ll be good here. Across the street is a very charming restaurant where I had a delicious pizza last … Continue reading

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Work Weekend.

B and I are here at my home, we both have to work this weekend. In order to make that happen, we agreed on a really disciplined schedule, and on reminding each other of the discipline that we need. Currently … Continue reading

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I had a horrible night and a fairly bad day. Last night, I was in a telephone conference from hell. It was about the future of our company, it involved external consultants, the stakes are fairly high, and it was … Continue reading

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