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On Thursday Evening.

Two nights ago, I walked back from work in the evening. I’ve been walking to and from work every day this week except yesterday, when I had to take the car, to pick up a colleague and drive to a … Continue reading

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One month.

It’s been a month that I wrote the last time. I did get over mindfuck, and have managed to really move forward in the past weeks. And a number of nice things happened: With the band, we did our first … Continue reading

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Mindfuck. And how to get away from it?

Not doing so well today. This weekend, really. Last week, we went on another trip to Rome, with colleagues. And for a day and a half, N was with us again, and it was again like last year — before … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Since Graduation.

Last weekend, I met with my former classmates, with whom I graduated — after 20 years. A couple months ago, I felt uneasy about this. Thinking that in the game of “look what I have achieved”, my complete lack of … Continue reading

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Finding Peace.

My birthday last weekend was okay. In the morning, I celebrated with my parents. They gave me a couple of things that I couldn’t quite relate to, and I am afraid now that I may have not been grateful and … Continue reading

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French Findings.

I’m late. I try to blog on weekends, to cover the previous week, and now it’s already Monday. Monday through Wednesday last week, I was in Paris. I had meetings at our company there. On Tuesday night, I had a … Continue reading

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Music: Blood Like Lemonade (CD), Morcheeba. Old-fashioned, in the CD player. Drink: Litres and litres of Peppermint Tea. I should actually keep that habit when I’m well, too. Health: Slowly improving, I think. That would be nice. I feel the … Continue reading

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M is out to see a film with a friend. I went to the new corner restaurant to have dinner. The restaurant on the corner had been shady for the longest time, not a place that one wanted to go … Continue reading

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