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It’s Been Over A Month Now.

And things are better. I don’t think about F all the time anymore. I have made much progress moving on. Sometimes, she’s in my thoughts again, and there’s pain and anger and sadness. But I get over these spells. The … Continue reading

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The One Thing that Remains Is Change.

Last time I wrote, my title already said that everything is different. And again, after a month and a half later, it keeps on feeling like that. The most radical change may be that I have finally moved into my … Continue reading

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Rome, Rome, Rome.

We took that trip to Rome together. And we did have a wonderful time and then that conversation at the end of it. I finally asked her to tell me everything about her relationship. Which had been a type of … Continue reading

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In Rome just by the Colosseum.

That is where N and I sat on a park bench last Friday, for hours (at least it seems like that), and were getting closer and closer, and she so wanted it, but when I finally tried to kiss her … Continue reading

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Much Better.

I am feeling much better than last weekend. I had a type of breakthrough experience last Monday. I was walking around Munich airport, before I was getting on a plane to Rome, and I was feeling miserable. Much like I … Continue reading

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Non-stop Traveller.

Last week, I had meetings at our Spanish office. On Tuesday, they organised a little conference at a business school where I gave a speech. It turned out that one of our competitors had sent a colleague to listen in. … Continue reading

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What a week.

After my unsuccessful attempt at having some sort of half-blind date in Madrid, I journeyed on to Rome the next day. Arriving at the airport in Rome was a really interestingly pleasant experience – it really struck me how much … Continue reading

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