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Another Week In Pain.

It’s hopefully now over. After another week in my self-inflicted agony, I finally got to a point where it became just absolutely abundantly clear to me that this had to end. She is so addicted to my attention and passion … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Stop.

Yes, I said last week that it’s all over. But I couldn’t withdraw and pull down the curtains. I’m here in the office with N every day. I will stay in this town for longer, for work. So on Sunday … Continue reading

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The Roller Coaster Threw Me Off.

That’s the analogy that I used in my last post. Well, the decision is made, the roller coaster threw me off, and I am left without N. I am not really able to really tell what happened this past week … Continue reading

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In Rome just by the Colosseum.

That is where N and I sat on a park bench last Friday, for hours (at least it seems like that), and were getting closer and closer, and she so wanted it, but when I finally tried to kiss her … Continue reading

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